Yoga is Intimacy with Life.

Brian James is a yoga teacher, musician, author and designer based in Montréal, Canada where he lives with his partner Debbie and their two Boston Terriers, Kingston and Sweetie.

”My mission is to share practices and co-create spaces that help us connect to our deepest selves, to evolve and transform our way of being in the world so that we can connect more deeply and compassionately with each other — for the good of our communities, the planet and all beings.

Brian teaches a non-dual and non-dogmatic approach to Hatha Vinyasa Yoga based on the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar, and further informed by his ongoing exploration of the intersection of yoga, music, shamanism and plant medicine over the past twenty years.

His approach is rooted in the belief that yoga is not about striving toward a physical or spiritual ideal, but rather, that it‘s a deeply personal process of embodied awakening to one's own truth and potential.

heyam duhkham anagatam
Future suffering can be avoided.
— Yoga Sutra 1.16

Consistent and on-going application of an appropriate yoga practice can help to ease physical pain, emotional trauma and mental distress, allowing us to experience greater clarity, energy and enjoyment of life.

In addition to his ongoing study with master teachers around the world, Brian is interested in helping others develop a personal practice that is adapted to their own needs and interests.

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Brian James is currently offering one-to-one instruction (in-person or online); workshops; sound meditations (co-facilitated with his partner Debbie) and plant medicine retreats in the Amazon jungle.

You can contact him by emailing