Music is Medicine

Singing, chanting and toning connect you to your body, breath and self-expression — all of which make up your unique voice. You need not be a “natural singer”, Sanskrit scholar or Buddhist monk to enjoy the many benefits of a daily vocal meditation practice — all you need is your voice and a bit of confidence. Every culture and spiritual tradition around the world utilizes the power of music and sound, and through the practice of the Yoga of Sound (Nada Yoga) — whether through your voice or an instrument — you can connect to this ancestral way of healing in a deeply personal way.

"Chanting opens the heart."
— TKV Desikachar

I’ve enjoyed a lifelong relationship with music, and have performed in almost every conceivable context: music competitions, rock bands, contemporary and classical instrumental ensembles, art-noise audio-visual performance, studio recordings and yoga classes. In my teens I studied music theory extensively and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston MA as a guitar performance major.

My focus more recently has been on the use of music and sound for ritual, healing and inner exploration. I credit my time with vocal teachers Silvia Nakkach, Anne Schaefer and Vedic Chant teachers Sonia Nelson and Danielle Tarantola in helping me to discover the healing power of my own voice. Currently, I'm learning about the use of singing and chanting by the Shipibo healers of the Peruvian Amazon in their healing ceremonies with plant medicines.

• • •

Brian James regularly offers Yoga & Music Medicine journeys (solo and with collaborators) and is available for individual music and guitar lessons. Lessons can focus on freeing your voice, chanting, using sound for shamanic journeying, exploring medicine melodies or learning the guitar.

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