Books & Other Stuff
That I Think Are Quite Good.

Here are some things that I've been recommending to my friends and students. If you use the Amazon links below to purchase them, I'll receive a 10% commission on the sale and you'll be helping to support my work.


The Heart of Yoga

The most complete and accessible book on yoga I've found. For anyone interested in deepening their practice and understanding of yoga, this book is essential.


The Promise

I designed and published this book for Mark and it's a great summation of Mark's teachings. It even includes a simple yoga practice with photos (of me!).

harmonicmovement copy.jpg

Harmonic Movement

In designing my own yoga book I wanted to focus on delivering the technology of vinyasa yoga in the simplest and clearest way I could. There are so many great books out there about yoga philosophy, I really wanted to offer a book that would allow people to have their own direct experience of yoga in the most immediate way. Just enough writing to offer a context for the practice, with lots of photos and clear instruction to get you going.

Fellowship of the River

This book by Dr. Joe Tafur does a great job of providing a western medical doctor's perspective on Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine. I really enjoyed his detailed recounting of the traditional plant diets that he's undergone, a subject that isn't written about very often. 

Toward a Psychology of Awakening

John Welwood does the best job of bridging East and West psychology of anyone I've come across yet and I especially appreciate his focus on relationship.

Freud and Yoga

An interesting dialogue between a psychologist and a yogi, exploring the similarities and differences between the two disciplines.

Health, Healing and Beyond

An in-depth look at Krishnamacharya's life and contribution to the yoga tradition by his son and most devoted student, Desikachar.

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Gabor Maté's groundbreaking book on addiction, based on his years of experiencing working in Vancouver's downtown East Side. An insightful and humane view of the root causes of addiction.

Manduka Pro Lite Mat

The best yoga mat. Lighter than their "pro" mat, but still gives you enough cushioning without being too "squishy". This mat should last you a lifetime.

Spoonk Accupressure Mat

The modern version of the "yogi bed of nails". Lie on this mat before bed and you'll find yourself totally relaxing and falling into the deepest sleep you've ever had. Stand on it, and it's very energizing and warming. I love my Spoonk!