Yoga & Shamanism

With the increasing use of entheogenic substances (aka “psychedelics”) and Holotropic or shamanic breathwork, comes an increased need for preparatory and integrative practices to empower and guide the participant before, during and after such peak experiences.

Because it is itself essentially a shamanic practice, the yoga tradition offers a very clear and relevant context, guide and practical method for dealing with the psycho-spiritual material and intense experiences that can be triggered by shamanic practices and plant medicine ceremonies.

Over the past twenty-plus years, I have experienced profound physical, emotional and spiritual growth and healing through various shamanic practices, including the ceremonial use of entheogenic plant medicines. I strongly believe that my daily yoga practice and the lifestyle which is informed by and supports that practice, helped me prepare for and integrate these peak experiences into my daily life and relationships.

Read my recent article on Yoga & Ayahuasca Integration published on the Temple of the Way of Light blog.

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Brian James will be teaching at the Temple of the Way of Light, an Ayahuasca healing centre in Iquitos Peru in August and September 2017. He is also available for in person or online consultations regarding preparation and integration of plant medicine work.

Integration sessions are priced on a sliding scale from $30-100/hour. Contact hello@brianjamesyoga.com for more information.